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Somebody to Love
   Past and present collide in Parker Longwood’s powerful and haunting novel of deception, anguish, hope, and love.

   Delayed in publication for more than a decade, then finally published in 2009, but held up in distribution, this riveting novel is now, at last, available.
Hang on Tight!
   A must read for anyone who has ever been in love with a car, the open road, and the spirit-liberating exhiliaration of speed!
   There are no speed limits, no seatbelts, no roll bars, no rules in Parker Longwood's breathtaking thrill ride. It blazes an arc across the sky of the golden age of the automobile, when gas was cheap, roads were wide open and big blocks ruled.
Bright Wings, Dark Sky
   For hired-gun, ghostwriter Charlie Connery, the end of the road was just the beginning.
   Parker Longwood’s extraordinary novel probes the high cost of success and the destructive consequences of ambition in a gripping tale of greed, ambition, love, lost dreams, regrets, disappointments, and, ultimately, in a stunning and unforgettable conclusion, rebirth and renewal.

The Last Days of Summer
Trinity, Colorado. An idyllic small town nestled at the foot of the majestic Rockies. Two youngsters desperately in love and blind to all else. Unfortunately, every Eden has its serpent. This one in the form of Freddie Blackwood. A malevolent force who will shatter the idyllic perfection and forever change the lives of all he's touched. 
   Parker Longwood’s bittersweet novel reminds us that there is only ever one true first love—innocent, pure, unforgettable, and tenaciously surviving across the decades.

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